CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT #336: Architectural Coatings for Plastics Plant

Architectural CoatingsThe owner of a manufacturing plant in Europe needed protective coatings with customized colors on both interior and exterior details. Desirable traits included cost effectiveness, ease of application, and environmental responsibility.

Silos, light poles, and the floor were cleaned with a solution of VpCI®-414 Cleaner/Degreaser. From there, silos were coated with VpCI®-386 Green, galvanized light poles were coated with VpCI®-373 and VpCI®-386 Green, and the floor was coated with MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer and MCI®-2026 Floor Coating. The extrusion line was coated with Cortec’s water-based coating technology prior to shipment from Italy. Color coding was used in certain areas as warnings against heat exposure or slippage on stairs. The system provided a variety of water-based or low VOC options with precautions against safety hazards and corrosion on metal surfaces.

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