CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #62: Cooling Tower Restoration

A processing facility faced the question of whether they could save the structural integrity of deteriorating, corrosion-damaged concrete cooling towers instead of replacing them at significant cost. The question was answered with an MCI® concrete repair. First, loose concrete was jet blasted off. Heavy corrosion was removed from rebar using VpCI®-423. MCI®-2023 was immediately applied to clean rebar for protection. MCI®-2038 and MCI®-2039 were used to repair concrete and restore structural integrity. Areas that did not need to be repaired were sprayed with MCI®-2020 to migrate and protect underlying steel from corrosion. The work restored the structural integrity and appearance of the concrete cooling towers at a significant cost savings compared to replacement.

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Keywords: cooling tower restoration, corrosion damaged concrete, concrete cooling towers, MCI, concrete repair, MCI-2020, structural integrity, cost
savings, rebar corrosion, corrosion removal

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