NEWS ALERT: Ready-Mixers: Are You Ready to Face 100 Degree Days This Summer?

It’s not too early to think about summer and the busy construction season ahead. Unfortunately for ready-mixers, that also means hot temperatures are on their way with special challenges for laying and finishing concrete. Cortec® wants to help turn those potential nightmares into a dream come true by introducing contractors to MCI® corrosion inhibiting admixtures.

The Problem of Accelerated Set Time

Concrete sets faster the hotter the weather is. Adding a calcium nitrite corrosion inhibitor (CNI) to protect against corrosion in harsh climates accelerates set time even further. This can result in cold joints or problems with concrete placement and finishing. On 100 °F (38 °C) days, this can be a nightmare for general superintendents and ready-mix crews who may feel like they are fighting a losing battle as they try to pour an uncooperative concrete batch.

Slow Down with Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors

What some ready-mixers, engineers, and contractors do not realize is that Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™ (MCI®) concrete admixtures do not accelerate set time. In fact, MCI®-2005 naturally slows down set time, while MCI®-2005 NS is a normal-set version. Both are ideal for use in hot weather. Contractors who  have experienced stress pouring concrete with CNI during a heatwave have seen such stark handling improvements with MCI®-2005 NS that they often adopt it going forward. One work crew switching to MCI®-2005 NS commented that they even had significantly more desirable bleed water than with past PT mixes containing CNI, and the contractor’s general superintendent correctly predicted that all local ready-mix suppliers would want to switch when they saw how well MCI®-2005 NS worked.

Other Benefits of MCI®

Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors have other benefits, as well. Based on salts of amine carboxylates, these “mixed” inhibitors (anodic and cathodic protection) form a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal, delaying time to corrosion and reducing corrosion rates once started. MCI® admixtures require a much lower dose than CNI, independent of expected chloride loading. Many MCI® products are also certified to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in drinking water system components—a plus for users and the environment!

Don’t Sweat It This Summer!

Hot weather is coming to a large percentage of the world’s contractors very soon. Make life easier for ready-mix crews by choosing a corrosion inhibiting admixture that does not accelerate set time. Contact us to learn more about MCI® concrete admixtures for hot weather!

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NEWS ALERT: Plan to Join Us in Boston for the Spring ICRI Convention!

March 14, 2024

SPRING ICRI CONVENTIONSpring is almost here, and that means it’s time for the Spring ICRI Convention! This year’s gathering will take place in Boston with the theme of “Transportation: Roads, Bridges, Tunnels.” Here are three great reasons to attend!

Visit our MCI® booth to chat about the latest MCI® news with Jessi Meyer (VP, Technical Sales – Product Management – Marketing), Ash Hasania (MCI® Technical Sales & Market Manager), and Kevin Quan (MCI® Regional Sales Manager); discuss products and project opportunities; and share success stories. ICRI Spring also offers plenty of opportunities to socialize-both for pleasure and professional purposes! In the meantime, expect to find yourself surrounded with fellow chapter members and everyone from engineers to contractors and manufacturers.
• Learn
ICRI is also a great place to grow your concrete repair knowledge and understanding as you choose from a variety of technical tracks and take advantage of opportunities to earn PDHs. Attending one of the many open committee meetings will teach you even more about the industry and the inner workings of ICRI as new specifications and initiatives are discussed.

• Influence
Attending ICRI committee meetings is also an excellent way to share the special expertise that you bring to the table and eventually play a role in shaping the future of concrete repair. Almost all committee meetings are open to everyone, so take advantage of the opportunity to get involved! With the Spring ICRI Convention just a little more than one month away, now is not too soon or too late to start making your travel plans. We hope to see you there!

ICRI Spring Convention
April 22nd–24th, 2024
Westin Copley Place
Boston, Massachusetts

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NEWS ALERT: Join Us at the ACI Concrete Convention for Great Credits and Conversations!

We hope to see many of you at “The World’s Gathering Place for Advancing Concrete,” March 24th-28th in New Orleans! As always, the spring ACI Concrete Convention will be a great time to catch up with Cortec® MCI® Sales & Technical staff and mingle with thousands of professionals and students in the concrete industry. This will be our second year hosting a booth at ACI, and we hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to visit us at our “base camp” during the event. We are also proud to be an ACI sponsor in the “Admixture” category!

We expect the spring convention to be yet another rich time for all of us to build our concrete knowledge, network, and influence. With 40+ hours of education and technical sessions, ACI is a great place to earn CEUs and PDHs. Receptions and networking events such as the “Concrete Mixer” provide plenty of fun venues for connecting with engineers, contractors, educators, and suppliers. Finally, ACI’s 400+ committees provide a wealth of opportunities to grow by joining and contributing your own industry knowledge or simply observing one of the many meetings in session for future reference.

If you are involved with MCI® and the construction industry, be sure to consider joining us at this important event. We look forward to having you there and seeing us all come away with new knowledge, ideas, and connections to propel us forward in our concrete service life extension and sustainability efforts!

Learn more!

Let us know you are coming!

ACI Concrete Convention 2024
March 24
th–28th, 2024
Hyatt Regency New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

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NEWS ALERT: New MCI® Admixture Brochure for New Year!

MCI® admixture brochureCortec® is pleased to present a new MCI® admixture brochure for a new year. With its fresh look and updated content, this brochure is an excellent way to give specifying engineers, ready mixers, and contractors a new perspective on inhibiting corrosion in reinforced concrete for the 2024 construction season!

Thoughtful Revisions

In addition to new graphics that show our latest MCI® admixture dispensing units and highlight the use of MCI®in The Sustainability Pavilion in Dubai, updated text focuses on the “what,” “how,” and “why” of concrete corrosion and the MCI® approach to mitigation. Thoughtful revisions by Cortec’s technical and marketing team seek to simplify and logically present the basics of MCI® admixtures. The brochure closes with an updated product selection guide that showcases the new MCI® Grenade XL for 5 yd³ (3.8 m³) of ready mix.

MCI® Admixture Advantages

As the brochure implies, MCI® admixtures are important for new structures because, once built, structures become more difficult to protect from corrosion. If added to the concrete batch, MCI® admixtures can inhibit corrosion without significantly increasing construction costs. They are dosed independently of expected chloride levels and are much less complicated than cathodic protection systems. Classified as mixed inhibitors, they affect both anodic and cathodic portions of a corrosion cell when they migrate to steel and form a protective molecular layer.

A Path to Sustainable Structures

Reinforced concrete will continue to play a significant role in the construction industry even as engineers look for better approaches to sustainability. MCI® admixtures will therefore be an important resource to extend the service life of those structures. Equip yourself with practical solutions for construction projects in the new year by taking a closer look at our new MCI® admixture brochure today!

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NEWS ALERT: Cortec®, CME, & ACI Get Ready for Middle East Construction Boom

Cortec’s MCI® Technical Sales & Market Manager, Ash Hasania, was honored to join Cortec® Middle East (CME) at the ACI (American Concrete Institute) Middle East Conference-2023, November 28th-29th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. CME was a gold sponsor for this well-organized and well-attended event, which sold out weeks in advance. With so many construction opportunities currently on the horizon in the Middle East, it was an exciting time and place to bring MCI® solutions in front of key industry players, including engineers, ready-mix companies, academics, and government representatives.

Cortec - ACI

Ash traveled to the region to support CME, to network, and to evaluate forthcoming MCI® needs in the Saudi market. At ACI, he spent most of his time helping with the CME booth, where he stayed busy answering technical questions, listening to end user needs and feedback, and getting to know attendees’ level of familiarity with MCI® Technology to mitigate corrosion in reinforced concrete. Ash also had the chance to attend some technical sessions.

Saudi is in the early stages of an expected construction boom, fueled by giga projects and the upcoming EXPO 2030 and World Cup 2034 Saudi Arabia will be hosting. This expanding demand for construction in a harsh environment will require much more education on topics like those addressed at ACI: concrete building codes, sustainability, innovations, and more. It will also open the door to many more situations where Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors will be needed to help build lasting, sustainable structures.

Cortec® and Cortec® Middle East look forward to being of further service as these projects arise. Contact Cortec® to learn more about MCI® Technology and its role in extending concrete service life.

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NEWS ALERT: MCI® and Sustainability Take Another Step Forward at ACI Concrete Conference

Education was a major part of the ACI Concrete Conference for Cortec® MCI®, October 29th-November 2nd in Boston. This was especially so because many of those visiting our MCI® booth were students, allowing Kevin Quan (MCI® Regional Sales Manager) to introduce the up and coming generation to how MCI® Technology works and how it can be used to extend the service life of concrete restoration and new construction projects. We also got to see visitors from abroad and receive positive feedback from an engineer who was happy with his first use of a Cortec® MCI® admixture!

In addition to educating others about MCI® Technology, we were able to take in a variety of committee meetings and presentations through the attendance of Jessi Meyer (VP of Technical and Product Sales) and Lisa Marston (Tech Service Engineer). Cortec® participated in committee meetings for climate change and sustainability, chemical admixtures, service life prediction, and corrosion. Per usual, sustainability and carbon reduction were especially prominent topics at the convention, giving our team the opportunity to learn about reducing embodied carbon in concrete along with more standard topics such as service life assessments and supply chain management. Of special note was a formation workshop for the development of the P+Ex Center of Excellence for Preservation and Service Life Extension.

Once again, the ACI Concrete Conference has come and gone, leaving behind new ideas, connections, and opportunities to improve the performance and service life of one of the world’s most used construction materials. If you missed ACI and want to learn more about what we shared at the MCI® booth, you don’t have to wait until the next convention. Contact us today with your questions on extending the service life of reinforced concrete with MCI®!

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NEWS ALERT: Three Reasons to Attend World of Concrete 2024 with Cortec®!

November 29, 2023

For many of us in the concrete industry, the slower season will soon be upon us. That also means it’s almost time for the annual World of Concrete (WOC) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada! As usual, Cortec® will be there representing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors and welcoming you, our MCI® reps and distributors, to our booth. If you are wondering whether or not to make the trip this year, here are three reasons to attend!


1. Connect.

WOC gives you the chance to connect with tens of thousands of contractors and other professionals in the concrete construction industry. You will also be able to spend time with members of the MCI® sales and technical teams, talking with them in person about your questions, ideas, challenges, and goals. Better yet, you can meet our newest team member, Mike Bosman, who will be covering MCI® in the U.S. Midwest region.

2. Learn.

As usual, we will host our annual distributors and reps meeting. This gathering is an informative time when you can hear about MCI® updates, get to know what is new in the MCI® product line, and gain inspiration for the year ahead. In addition, everyone is welcome and encouraged to come visit us at our booth to learn more about MCI® Technology, its applications, and relevant case histories.

3. Have fun!

WOC also offers many opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself. Join us at the ICRI kickoff party and be sure to save time for an invitation only event hosted by Cortec® for MCI® reps and distributors!

It’s not too early to sign up for WOC 2024. Mark your calendars, register today, and let us know you’re coming!

World of Concrete 2024
January 23
rd–25th, 2024
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
Booth #S12157

Keywords: WOC 2024, concrete industry, reasons to come to WOC, rusted rebar in concrete, extend service life, MCI, Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors, From Grey to Green, Cortec, construction industry

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NEWS ALERT: From Adhesives to Concrete: Meet Our New MCI® Regional Sales Manager!

MCI Regional Sales ManagerWe are pleased to introduce Mike Bosman as our new MCI® Regional Sales Manager for the Midwest! Mike started on October 10th and fills a huge need for MCI® support in the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado. We look forward to having him become a dynamic part of our MCI® team!

Mike will be educating contractors, distributors, specifying engineers, and other potential customers about what our MCI® portfolio has to offer them and how those materials will fit best into their existing processes. His goal is to become an expert resource for his clients and to eventually be able to contribute new ideas to the world of reinforced concrete corrosion protection.

Although working with concrete is new to Mike, the topic of corrosion is not, as corrosion mitigation was one of the top five priorities he addressed while working with 3M in the defense market for adhesives and coatings. While there, he received his share of exposure to material testing and approval processes, frequently heading up accelerated underwater corrosion testing on a variety of materials.

Now, as he shifts his focus to a new substrate, Mike is quickly becoming familiar with the characteristics of concrete and is on track to become an outstanding liaison between Cortec® and MCI® users. Join us in welcoming Mike to the team, and don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to him!

Mike Bosman
® Regional Sales Manager, Midwest
Phone: 651-350-9536
[email protected]

Keywords: Cortec, MCI, concrete, MCI regional sales manager, Mike Bosman, corrosion protection, rusted rebar in concrete, corrosion testing, concrete longevity, concrete admixtures

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