A Revolutionary Way to Improve Durability of Concrete and Extend the Service Life of Structures.

Concrete Admixtures

Time and time again, MCI® corrosion inhibitor products are shown to outperform the competition. Other admixtures rely on pore blockers or are limited by a chloride threshold. In contrast, MCI® specialty admixtures added to concrete work independently of chlorides, protect even when cracks occur, and can actually delay setting time of concrete for better workability. They do not affect the physical properties of concrete mixtures when used at the recommended dosage rates.

Independent Testing

MCI® concrete admixtures have been tested according to many ASTM standards. MCI®-2005 NS and MCI®-2005 AL have been shown to meet ASTM C1582. These materials met corrosion requirements according to extended G109 testing included in ASTM C1582, and treated samples did not even begin to show corrosion until approximately 20 cycles after the control began to corrode. In addition, MCI®-2005 NS admixture technology has shown superior corrosion protection compared to both CNI and Amine/Ester concrete admixtures when undergoing intense cycles of saltwater ponding on cracked concrete beams in modified ASTM G109 testing (cracked beam testing).

Cortec MCI-2005 Admixture for Concrete

Amine Carboxylate Based

Aminoalcohol Based


Grenades and Mini Grenades


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