MCI®-309: A Corrosion Inhibitor for PT Bridges and Beyond!

MCI 309 Projects NA scaled

The history of MCI®-309 for the last 20 years has been the history of convenient and versatile corrosion protection around the globe. Since 2001, MCI®-309 corrosion inhibitor has been applied in at least 23 of the United States (plus D.C.), two provinces, and 10 countries. It has been used from Murmansk to Dubai and from Montreal to Oahu. While its most common purpose is as a corrosion inhibitor in post-tension (PT) bridges awaiting grouting, MCI®-309 has also been used to protect floating bridges and flex-float internal cavities. Just a few key projects are mentioned below.



Project Name Location Year
Round Butte Reservoir Madras, Oregon (USA) 2009-Present
St. Croix River Crossing Oak Park Heights, MN/Houlton, WI (USA) 2014-2017
Samuel De Champlain Bridge/ Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) Light Rail System Montreal, Quebec (Canada) 2016-2019
Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project Washington, DC (USA) 2020
Dubai Metro 2020 Route Dubai (UAE) 2019

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MCI®-309 is a welcome answer for construction crews that face PT grouting delays due to cold weather or other interruptions after PT placement. In the U.S., state and federal requirements typically call for corrosion inhibitor application if the waiting period is two weeks or longer. MCI®-309 is a convenient choice because it is easy to apply by fogging through the PT ducts and then capping the ends. Little or no surface prep is required, and the corrosion inhibitor does not need to be flushed out prior to grouting because it does not affect bond strength. These factors reduce labor and minimize further exposure to corrosive elements, all while mitigating PT cable corrosion. Contact us for more info on how and where MCI®-309 has been

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