Meet Your New Champion Against Rebar Rust in the Midwest!

Rich Harsdorf Regional Sales Manager, MCI® Phone: 651-350-9536 Email:

We are pleased to introduce our new MCI® Regional Sales Manager for the Midwestern United States! Rich Harsdorf joined Cortec® in February to oversee MCI® sales activities and accounts while working directly with clients in a region notorious for corrosion damage on concrete buildings and bridges.
With a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and 16+ years working as a chemist and sales manager in the chemical industry, Rich is well-equipped to take on the challenge of protecting rebar in concrete from corrosion using MCI® Technology.

Rich is also passionate about developing positive relationships with his clients and making sure they are satisfied—even beyond their initial goals. “I believe the products Cortec® sell[s] offer a valuable solution to a problem,” Rich stated, “and I would love to introduce our products to customers in order to solve their problems.” He is ready to be proactive and supportive, placing customer needs before his own—even when it means putting in extra-long hours to finish the job.
If you work in the Midwest construction industry, Rich is here to support you in your quest for longer concrete service life with Cortec® MCI®. Contact him today for assistance—or simply to introduce yourself and welcome him onboard!

Rich Harsdorf
Regional Sales Manager, MCI®
Phone: 651-350-9536
Email: [email protected]

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