NEWS ALERT: Check Out Our Updated MCI® Brochure-More User-Friendly and Relevant!

When you have a handbook, you want it to be as up to date and user-friendly as possible. That is what our MCI® Technology general brochure seeks to do in its most recent edition, which came hot off the press just in time for World of Concrete in January! Here’s a look at some of the highlights from our latest version.

New Visuals

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this brochure has more to say than ever. A QR code on the first page inside the brochure takes readers to our MCI® admixtures animation for a great intro to the basics of concrete corrosion and how MCI® Technology can help. Illustrations in the MCI® Product Application Guide have been enlarged to make it easier to see what concrete and MCI® treatment may look like at different stages in the structural life cycle. An expanded specialty products section includes new images that tell a much clearer story on where and how these MCI® solutions can be used.

Relevant Certifications and Guidelines

Another improvement is the referencing of certain key certifications and guidelines that apply to MCI® products. For example, some MCI® Technologies have received CE certification (for purchase in the EU) or have been certified to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 certification for use on drinking water system components. The text also refers to ACI 212.3 and ICRI Guideline No. 510.2-2019, two important industry standards that recognize the underlying chemistry of MCI® in their discussions of corrosion inhibiting admixtures and surface applied corrosion inhibitors (SACIs), respectively.

Updated Charts

Updated charts are also a plus. For example, the MCI® admixture comparison chart has been expanded to include an additional admixture chemistry. A completely new chart has been added that defines pure MCI® inhibitors versus MCI® water repellents and identifies which MCI® SACIs fall under each category. The product selection guide has been updated to remove obsolete technologies and include new ones, such as our most recent MCI® repair mortar additions. Furthermore, better labeling makes it easier to navigate specialty products by clearly identifying each product type (e.g., cleaners, coatings, injectable gels).

A Great Educational and Selling Tool!

After some serious reflection by our team on how to make it better, our MCI® brochure has emerged as more up to date, usable, and relevant. It is a great tool for educating yourself, colleagues, and clients as you move forward in your journey of enhancing concrete durability and sustainability with MCI®. Click here to view the updated brochure now:

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For a PDF version please click here.