NEWS ALERT: CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer: The Low-Labor Surface Prep Option in Concrete Repairs

CorrVerter Application

Rusty steel reinforcement is usually at the heart of concrete deterioration. Corrosion makes the rebar “grow,” putting pressure on the concrete cover, which ends up cracking and spalling. When workers go to place a new concrete patch, proper surface prep is imperative to prevent further rusting and ensure good adhesion between the rebar and repair mortar. Often, blasting is used to achieve a bright metal surface on the rebar. However, a laborsaving alternative exists in the form of CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer to passivate and protect rusty reinforcement.

CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer is a one-component water-based primer that converts surface rust into a passive layer and protects against further rusting. It does so through a combination of chelating agents and a high-solids latex coating with low water-vapor permeability. According to ASTM A944 testing, rebar coated with CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer offers the same or better bond strength to concrete compared with a control. This surface treatment application is much simpler than sandblasting. Workers only need to brush off the loose rust before coating remaining tight rust with CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer, making sure to allow at least 12 hours of curing time prior to applying subsequent repair

CorrVerter® MCI® Rust Primer is a great low-labor option for contractors, building owners, engineers, DOTs, and anyone engaged in concrete repair. It helps workers quickly and easily prepare rusty surfaces and leave a clean, sound base for patch materials. Contact us today for more information on this laborsaving rust converter primer:

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