NEWS ALERT: Cortec’s Kevin Quan Elected to Two East Coast Chapters of ICRI

Cortec® Corporation is pleased to announce that Kevin Quan (MCI® Regional Sales Manager, East Coast) has been elected to two local boards of the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). After seeing the value of membership with local chapters, Kevin has joined the leadership team on the boards for the ICRI Delaware Valley and ICRI Baltimore/Washington DC chapters.

From Sacrificial Concrete to Concrete Repair

Kevin, who has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an Executive MBA, brings a lot to the table with more than two decades in Sales and Marketing for a variety of industries. Interestingly, 15 of those years were spent promoting the “opposite” of concrete repair, as Kevin worked for a company that made sacrificial, crushable concrete pads designed to capture and save airplanes that had gone off the runway. Since joining Cortec® in 2021, his focus has shifted to the other extreme of using MCI® Technology to promote sustainability and to increase durability of concrete. This dovetails perfectly with the goal of ICRI to promote concrete restoration, and Kevin quickly recognized the value of being involved in local ICRI chapters when he became a member in September 2021. Fellow members soon noticed his strong interest and active involvement in the organization, as well, and were ready to vote him into a leadership position where he could promote that value to others.

Amplifying the Value of ICRI

Kevin’s underlying responsibility for the next three-year term will be to promote awareness of ICRI membership value to the industry while helping implement ICRI initiatives and enhancing the value of ICRI to its members. Kevin will start his term by serving on the membership committee at the ICRI Delaware Valley Chapter. He will also be co-chair of both the golf committee and the newsletter and communications committees at the Baltimore/Washington DC Chapter this year. By serving on multiple boards at once, he hopes to be able to share best practices from chapter to chapter.

Cortec® expects Kevin to be a strong contributor and collaborator in these new positions and looks forward to seeing the chapters grow under his leadership contribution. Please join Cortec® in congratulating Kevin and cheering him on in these new roles!

Learn more about the involvement of our Cortec® MCI® team in ICRI by contacting us:

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