NEWS ALERT: Go Zero VOC for High Chemical Resistance with VpCI®-2026 Novolac Epoxy Coating!

Many industries have tanks and floors that require coatings with extreme resistance to corrosive chemicals, elevated temperatures, and/or heavy traffic. The responsible management question is, how do you get a tough coating that will withstand extreme conditions while also limiting worker exposure to harmful VOCs? Cortec’s VpCI®-2026 Tank Lining Topcoat is an excellent answer to both concerns.

VpCI®-2026 Tank Lining Topcoat is a 2K 100% solids novolac epoxy system that can be used as a basecoat/ topcoat. It provides protection in harsh applications. It has zero VOC, thus limiting workers’ exposure to harmful paint fumes as they apply the coating. VpCI®-2026 offers good chemical-, abrasion-, and heat-resistance up to 180 °F (82 °C) (with intermittent temperatures of up to 200 °F [93 °C]) for
extreme conditions:

  • Floors with high traffic or chemical spills
  • Tanks for acids, caustics, or oils
  • Equipment splash zones
  • Chemistry lab workbenches
  • Other immersion applications

If you have tanks or floors that need coating in harsh environments like chemical processing or wastewater treatment plants, consider using VpCI®-2026. VpCI®-2026 will give you the powerful protection of a 100% solids novolac epoxy coating that also reduces the workers’ chance of breathing in harmful VOCs. Contact Cortec® Coatings today for more info:

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