NEWS ALERT: How to Clean up Concrete Residue with MCI® Super Remover!

Cleanup can be a tough part of any concrete job. Even though the most stressful part of concrete placement is over, one of the next difficult tasks at hand is figuring out how to remove concrete residue that has dried or hardened on equipment and structures. MCI® Super Remover offers a powerful solution to this sometimes seemingly impossible chore.

MCI® Super Remover offers a powerful solution to this sometimes seemingly impossible chore.

Why Remove Hardened Concrete?

Cleanup is an important part of equipment maintenance. Hardened concrete not only affects the appearance of ready-mix trucks and structures; it can also hinder the ability of equipment to work. However, using the wrong removal product may damage equipment, take too long, or be excessively dangerous to users. Sometimes, workers resort to hammers and other tools to try to chip off the concrete.

The Ease of MCI® Super Remover

MCI® Super Remover offers a powerful solution that is easy to use and works quickly. It can remove both calcium carbonates and oxides, making it applicable for concrete residue, scale, and rust. Although proper handling and PPE (personal protective equipment) should still be used, MCI® Super Remover offers a safer alternative to hydrochloric acid. MCI® Super Remover should be applied undiluted to the affected surface for 30 minutes to three hours, depending on the thickness and age of the residue, then scraped and/or pressure-washed to remove the softened residue. A final rinse with an alkaline cleaner such as VpCI®-414 can be used to neutralize the surface and provide flash rust protection. MCI® Super Remover can also be collected after use, filtered, and reused if its pH remains within its specified range.

Make MCI® Super Remover Part of Your Cleanup Routine

Whether you are having trouble with concrete cleanup on drum mixers, ready-mix trucks, construction equipment, or batching plant structures, MCI® Super Remover is a practical way to help keep components looking as good as possible after a one-time job or as part of a regular maintenance routine. Contact Cortec® to learn more about this super concrete removal option!

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