NEWS ALERT: Is Your Coating a Good Match for Corrosive Chemicals?

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If you are a facility or maintenance manager, you probably know the importance of a good epoxy coating to protect surfaces from chemical attack and abrasion. The right coating can mean the difference between a concrete floor that lasts for decades and one that starts to disintegrate and corrode shortly after a chemical spill. It is therefore critical to ask if the coating you are considering has what it takes to resist the substances to which it will be exposed. Our “MCI®-2026 Floor Coating Chemical Resistance Guide” makes that easy when looking at the Cortec® option.

MCI®-2026 is a 100% solids, 2-component novolac epoxy coating designed for areas that need high chemical or abrasion resistance. It can be used on concrete floors, on concrete counters, and even on metal tanks (when used with MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer WB). Possible applications include chemical processing plants, manufacturing plants, or just about any industrial facility that gets heavy traffic or is at risk for chemical spills. Since MCI®-2026 meets all USDA/FDA guidelines for use in federally inspected facilities, it is also a good option for coating floors in commercial kitchens and at food processing sites.

Anyone interested in using MCI®-2026 can check the “MCI®-2026 Floor Coating Chemical Resistance Guide” to see if MCI®-2026 is a good match for the substances it is likely to encounter in their facility. This list is sorted by the following categories:

• Organic acids
• Inorganic acids
• Chlorinated solvents
• Aromatic and aliphatic solvents
• Alcohols
• Ketone esters
• Alkalis and salts
• Miscellaneous
• Oils

With almost all 100+ chemicals on the list falling in the range of fair to excellent resistance (most in the excellent category), this guide reflects the tough makeup of MCI®-2026 for chemical processors or other manufacturers. For those considering using MCI®-2026 in commercial food processing facilities, the list even includes resistance ratings for several food substances such as mayonnaise, milk, mustard, peanut butter, and vinegar that could easily fall on the floor!

Chemical resistance is an important part of many concrete and metal coatings applications. Simplify your search for the right epoxy coating by starting with this guide on MCI®-2026 chemical resistance!

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