NEWS ALERT: MCI® Grenades Now Available at Lowest Price Ever!

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We are excited to announce competitive new pricing for MCI® Grenades! The cost-reduction comes thanks to the automation of our MCI® Grenade™ packaging system, which lowers production costs by allowing greater economies of scale. This translates into cost savings for customers who will be able to get more for their money next time they order MCI® Grenades. Customers will enjoy more savings per MCI® Grenade while also getting them in larger quantities: 40 MCI® Grenades (32 Metric MCI® Grenades) per drum instead of only 20 MCI® Grenades per carton. This is a great opportunity to stock up for emergencies on an economical, easy-to-use form of concrete corrosion protection and encourage more widespread use among ready-mix suppliers, contractors, and engineers.

MCI® Grenades have long been a convenient, cost-effective method of adding Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™ admixtures to construction projects. Whether for a concrete repair or simply as a backup admixture for a new concrete pour, the MCI® Grenade™ is a great way to toss a powerful dose of corrosion protection into the ready-mix, while getting all the advantages of a nitrite-free admixture. The water-soluble packaging dissolves in contact with the mix water, releasing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors to be dispersed throughout the batch. MCI® Grenades can be incorporated at the ready-mix plant or added directly to ready-mix trucks and portable mixers at the jobsite. One MCI® Grenade™ provides enough corrosion protection for 1 cubic yard of concrete (one Metric MCI® Grenade™ protects 1 m³) and migrates to adjacent areas to protect surrounding metals and minimize the ring anode effect.

Contact us for more information on our new MCI® Grenade™ quantities and pricing:

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