NEWS ALERT: MCI® PTC® Emitters – Go Beyond Reinforced Concrete Protection!

Did you know that the benefits of MCI® Technology extend beyond reinforced concrete? While Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors are most commonly used to mitigate the corrosion of embedded rebar in new or existing concrete, they offer much broader benefits, as demonstrated by PTC Emitters.

How PTC Emitters Work
PTC Emitters are breathable pouches that contain Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™ powder. They can be placed in any void space enclosure where corrosion protection is needed. The MCIs vaporize through the pores of the pouch, diffuse throughout the space, and finally form a protective molecular layer on surrounding metal surfaces. Distribution of the MCI® vapors in large spaces can be enhanced by blowing dry air through the pouches, if needed.

Designed to Protect Suspension Cables
PTC Emitters were initially designed to mitigate corrosion on suspension bridge cables. These cables are made of many metal strands twisted together
with voids that can capture moisture and foster corrosion between the strands. Dehumidification systems are sometimes used to force dry air through these cables in an effort to reduce moisture and stave off corrosion. PTC Emitters are a perfect backup to the deficiencies of dehumidification. They can be easily placed in chambers added to the dehumidification piping for the purpose of blowing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors throughout the intricacies of the suspension cable strands.

One Technology, Many Uses
PTC Emitters can also be adapted to many other construction/structural applications where metal needs corrosion protection inside a void space:

  • Tubular structures, pipes, and vessels
  • Segmental concrete bridge tendons/cables
  • Reinforcement inside box girder segments

If you work in construction or structural maintenance, be sure to contact us for more information and ideas on how PTC Emitters can provide the corrosion protection needed in your various applications. Learn more:

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