NEWS ALERT: New Demo Video Shows How MCI® Mini Grenades Dissolve in Water!

We are pleased to present a new demo video on MCI® Mini Grenades! For 20 years and counting, MCI® admixture has been available packaged in small water-soluble bags for ease of use and convenience. These MCI® Grenades can be added to concrete, repair mortar, and grout mixing water for enhanced corrosion protection. Our new video shows an up-close look at what happens when these pre-dosed pouches come in contact with mix water!

As soon as the MCI® Mini Grenade is added to water, the packaging begins to dissolve, releasing MCI®-2006 NS powder admixture. In real-life applications, the MCI® Mini Grenade contents should be well-mixed with water prior to adding cementitious components to make sure the admixture is distributed throughout the grout, mortar, or ready-mix. Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors in the admixture will form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces to mitigate rebar rust in concrete and help even out the corrosion potential between the new patch and adjacent concrete.

Each MCI® Mini Grenade contains enough Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors to protect 0.5 ft³ (0.015 m³) of concrete. Regular MCI® Grenades and Metric MCI® Grenades work the same way but contain more admixture for larger volumes (1 grenade/yd³ and 1 grenade/m³, respectively) of concrete or repair mortar. They are ideal for repair projects but also serve as a good corrosion inhibitor backup plan for worst-case admixture scenarios in new concrete pours.

If you have wanted to see an MCI® Mini Grenade pouch dissolve before your eyes, or if you want to introduce your colleagues to the concept of easy admixture dosing and application with MCI®Grenades, this one-minute video is a great way to do so. Watch now:

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