NEWS ALERT: New Five-Pound MCI® Grenade™ Makes Concrete Admixture Dosing Easier!

November 2, 2023

Dosing corrosion inhibiting admixtures into the ready-mix truck has simply gotten easier with the creation of MCI® Grenades in 5-pound (2.3
kg) bags! Rather than having to add 10 regular MCI® Grenades to the concrete truck, ready-mixers only need to add two 5-pound MCI® Grenades
to ensure the batch has enough Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors to protect embedded reinforcement. That means just one 5-pound MCI® Grenade is needed per half truck!

New Five-Pound MCI® Grenade™

MCI® Grenades are water-soluble pouches that contain pre-measured MCI®-2006 NS powder, a Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™ admixture for reinforced concrete. The bag and corrosion inhibitors easily dissolve in contact with concrete mix-water and disperse throughout the batch during mixing. Once inside the structure, this blend of amine carboxylates forms a protective molecular layer on embedded reinforcing steel, helping enhance the durability and service life of concrete structures.

Not only can MCI® Grenades be specified in new construction and repair projects, but they are also a great backup plan to have when dosing liquid admixtures such as MCI®-2005 NS. In a worst-case scenario where MCI® dosing equipment becomes clogged with foreign materials midpour, or a shortage of MCI®-2005 NS is discovered too late, contractors will be relieved to have MCI® Grenades on hand to continue an already stressful job without unnecessary delays.

MCI® Grenades are now available in four handy sizes to match the size of the repair or construction job. Dosage is as follows:

  • One MCI® Mini Grenade per 0.5-0.6 ft³ (0.015 m³) of concrete
  • One 1.1 lb (500 g) MCI® Grenade™ per 1 yd³ of concrete
  • One Metric MCI® Grenade™ per 1 m³ of concrete
  • One 5 lb (2.3 kg) MCI® Grenade™ per 5 yd³ (3.8 m³) of concrete

Contact Cortec® today to order your supply of MCI® Grenades based on job size!

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