NEWS ALERT: New Surface Prep Guide for MCI® Surface Applied Corrosion Inhibitors!

We are pleased to introduce our new surface prep guide for MCI® surface applied corrosion inhibitors (SACIs)! While MCI® SACIs are a great way to extend the service life of concrete structures, success hinges heavily on proper concrete surface prep. With this in mind, our MCI® team has designed a surface prep guide to help contractors and building owners get the most out of their MCI® SACI application to mitigate rusted rebar in concrete.

What the Surface Prep Guide Has to Offer
® surface prep guideline starts with a rundown on the basics of concrete surface prep:*

1. Remove loose or cracked concrete down to sound concrete.
2. Allow 28 days (preferably) for the concrete to cure before coating.
3. Make sure the surface is clean using a suggested cleaning method.

What follows is a chart noting coverage rate, recommended surface prep, and special remarks on each SACI listed. In some cases, surface prep tips include ideal CSP (concrete surface profile) levels that can be identified based on CSP chips available from ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute). Other remarks cover product specifics such as ideal number of coatings or surface moisture level. The guide also includes surface prep recommendations for two MCI® coatings that can be used on rebar.

How You Can Benefit from This Guide
If you apply MCI
® SACIs or know someone who does, this guide is a great place to start finding surface preparation best practices at your fingertips in online or printable format. Be sure to bookmark this resource for your own use and to share with clients in need of MCI® surface prep guidance!

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*Please note: all concrete repairs should be done in accordance with professional engineering advice.

For a PDF version please click here.