NEWS ALERT: Oil-Eating Microbes Help Clean Auto Repair Shop Floors

Auto repair shops are notorious for having dirty, greasy floors stained by frequent automotive fluid leaks and spills. Cleaning these petroleum-based stains is often a difficult to impossible job that sometimes requires blasting for enough stain removal power. Cortec® offers a simpler solution that relies on “green” chemistry to chase after the oily residues on the garage floor, at gas stations, or in parking lots.

auto repair shop- MCI-2061

Cortec® MCI®-2061 is a biological-based cleaner/degreaser formulated for cleaning concrete, asphalt, and other hard surfaces. It combines powerful cleaning chemistry with microorganisms capable of biodegrading hydrocarbons that stain concrete and other hard surfaces. In simple terms, biodegradable surfactants (specially suited to hydrocarbon cleaning) loosen and disperse hydrocarbons, making them more available to microbes that eat them. The main benefits are as follows:

1. The microbes of MCI®-2061 populate the substrate and provide residual deep cleaning action as they chase the oil stain through the pores.
2. MCI
®-2061 biochemistry is friendly to floors and does not corrode or destroy them.

Application of MCI®-2061 is easy. After diluting MCI®-2061 in water at a 1:10 ratio (for heavily soiled surfaces), users simply spray or pour the bio-detergent onto the soiled surface and work it into the concrete pores using a broom. The solution should be left for up to an hour (or overnight if necessary) before rinsing it away, allowing time for the microbial spores to germinate and start digesting the oil to supplement the initial cleaning action. Microorganisms that remain behind after the water rinse continue digesting hydrocarbon residuals on the driveway or shop floor. Furthermore, microorganisms that are rinsed downstream into drain lines, sewer systems, or grease traps can help accelerate biodegradation of the waste.

Thanks to MCI®-2061, cleaning oil stains off the repair shop floor or driveway no longer has to be a difficult task that is put off indefinitely. A weekly, monthly, or even quarterly cleaning with MCI®-2061 can take care of unsightly stains and improve the overall auto shop atmosphere without requiring harsh chemicals or solvents. Contact us to learn more about our biological concrete cleaners!

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