NEWS ALERT: Pelješac Bridge Wins Prestigious Engineering Award!

The Pelješac Bridge, a monumental structure for the nation of Croatia, recently won the prestigious Gustav Lindenthal Medal at the 2023 International Bridge Conference presented by the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania. The award recognizes outstanding bridge engineering achievements that demonstrate qualities such as “aesthetic merit” and “harmony with the environment.” Cortec® congratulates Pelješac Bridge engineers for this achievement and is proud to be among the structure’s suppliers of corrosion protection materials.

peljesac bridge

Corrosion Protection on Pelješac

Spanning a stretch of the Adriatic Sea, the Pelješac Bridge connects two parts of Croatia previously separated by water on one side and a neighboring country on the other. Due to design demands for a 130-year service life in the presence of a harsh saltwater environment, engineers of the Pelješac Bridge specified a multi faceted rust prevention strategy. In addition to AC coatings, cathodic protection, thick concrete cover, and stainless steel reinforcement, MCI®-2018 was applied to the bridge’s substructure piers for dual water repellency and corrosion inhibition to prolong service life.

Benefits of MCI®-2018

MCI®-2018 is a 100% silane water repellent containing Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors. As a surface applied corrosion inhibitor that does not change the appearance of the structure and is certified to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for drinking water system components, MCI®– 2018 aligned well with the project’s aesthetic and environmental goals. Its CE certification under EN 1504-2 (2+ system) for superficial protection of concrete also qualified it for use in Europe.

As a company founded by Croatian-American entrepreneur Boris Miksic, Cortec® is proud to be part of this award-winning engineering and geographically strategic achievement in Croatia. Learn more about Cortec’s role in the Pelješac Bridge here!

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