NEWS ALERT: Ready-Mixers: Are You Ready to Face 100 Degree Days This Summer?

It’s not too early to think about summer and the busy construction season ahead. Unfortunately for ready-mixers, that also means hot temperatures are on their way with special challenges for laying and finishing concrete. Cortec® wants to help turn those potential nightmares into a dream come true by introducing contractors to MCI® corrosion inhibiting admixtures.

The Problem of Accelerated Set Time

Concrete sets faster the hotter the weather is. Adding a calcium nitrite corrosion inhibitor (CNI) to protect against corrosion in harsh climates accelerates set time even further. This can result in cold joints or problems with concrete placement and finishing. On 100 °F (38 °C) days, this can be a nightmare for general superintendents and ready-mix crews who may feel like they are fighting a losing battle as they try to pour an uncooperative concrete batch.

Slow Down with Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors

What some ready-mixers, engineers, and contractors do not realize is that Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™ (MCI®) concrete admixtures do not accelerate set time. In fact, MCI®-2005 naturally slows down set time, while MCI®-2005 NS is a normal-set version. Both are ideal for use in hot weather. Contractors who  have experienced stress pouring concrete with CNI during a heatwave have seen such stark handling improvements with MCI®-2005 NS that they often adopt it going forward. One work crew switching to MCI®-2005 NS commented that they even had significantly more desirable bleed water than with past PT mixes containing CNI, and the contractor’s general superintendent correctly predicted that all local ready-mix suppliers would want to switch when they saw how well MCI®-2005 NS worked.

Other Benefits of MCI®

Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors have other benefits, as well. Based on salts of amine carboxylates, these “mixed” inhibitors (anodic and cathodic protection) form a protective molecular layer on the surface of the metal, delaying time to corrosion and reducing corrosion rates once started. MCI® admixtures require a much lower dose than CNI, independent of expected chloride loading. Many MCI® products are also certified to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in drinking water system components—a plus for users and the environment!

Don’t Sweat It This Summer!

Hot weather is coming to a large percentage of the world’s contractors very soon. Make life easier for ready-mix crews by choosing a corrosion inhibiting admixture that does not accelerate set time. Contact us to learn more about MCI® concrete admixtures for hot weather!

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