PRESS RELEASE: MCI® Grenades – Your Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor Backup Plan for Worst-Case Ready-Mix Scenarios

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Picture this scene. You are a project superintendent in the middle of a stressful concrete pour. The engineer has specified Cortec® MCI® as the corrosion inhibiting admixture. So far, all has gone well with no early set problems. In fact, the mix has never been easier to work with! Then suddenly, the admixture dosing equipment starts to clog. Bad goes to worse when someone sends word that there are no more drums of MCI® admixture onsite to finish the batch even if the dosing equipment were fixed. Fortunately, this nightmare does not have to come true thanks to a simple backup plan of MCI® Grenades.

A Powerful Dose of Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors
MCI® Grenades are pre-packaged water-soluble pouches of MCI®-2006 NS that can easily replace MCI®
®-2005 NS liquid admixtures if needed. MCI® Grenades are extremely convenient, pre-dosed to treat one cubic yard of concrete per bag (one cubic meter per Metric MCI® Grenade). As Jon Connealy, Regional Sales Manager for MCI® Central and one of ICRI’s 2020 “40 under 40,” explained, “Simply toss one grenade into your concrete truck per yard of concrete enclosed and your concrete will have all of the migrating corrosion inhibitors needed.” This serves as an affordable backup plan for ready-mix providers who must always be on guard for unexpected liquid admixture dosing challenges that could devastate an already stressful situation.

MCI® Admixture ‘Insurance Plan’ in Action
Connealy shared a case in point of how one ready-mix provider wisely prepared for a worst-case scenario after falling short for another. In the summer of 2021, the ready-mix provider was in the middle of a batching job when realization hit that there was not enough MCI®-2005 NS to complete it. Additional MCI®-2005 NS would not arrive for a week. Earlier in the year, the ready-mixer’s dispensing unit pump had become blocked with foreign materials and delayed the project for both the ready-mixer and the contractor. As a result, the ready-mix provider had stocked MCI®-2006 NS (approved by the engineer) as a backup supply in case the problem happened again. When the summer batching shortage hit, the crew was able to carry on with MCI®-2006 NS while waiting for the rest of the MCI®-2005 NS to arrive. As Connealy noted, “This ‘insurance plan’ saved them and the
contractor serious delays for the job.”

Convenient Options for Best-Case Scenarios
Worst-case scenarios aside, MCI® Grenades are a convenient option for contractors even when nothing is going wrong. MCI® Grenades are easy to work with for small jobs. They can be added onsite and safely handled despite their high pH since they are packaged in watersoluble film that does not dissolve until mixed with water. Furthermore, MCI® Grenades make MCI® admixtures accessible to all contractors—even if not ready-mix suppliers—who can simply calculate the right number of MCI® Grenades to toss into the concrete batch at the jobsite to get corrosion protection and extend service life.

Be Prepared with an MCI® Grenade™ ‘Insurance Policy’
While unexpected MCI® supply and dosing equipment problems can happen, they do not have to be added to the already stressful task of achieving a good concrete pour. By simply keeping a backup supply of MCI® Grenades on hand for unpredictable problems, concrete suppliers and contractors can make sure they do not end up in a ready-mix nightmare. Contact us to order your MCI® Grenades today:

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