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MCI-2241/2242 are flexible and breathable waterproofing membranes based on a unique combination of acrylic emulsion, Portland cement and fine fibers. Use them to waterproof all types of above- or below-grade concrete and masonry including foundations, block walls, balconies, parapets, planter boxes, water ranks, and fountains. MCI-2241 is a gray color, MCI-2242 is white.

MCI-2241/2242 Watertight Coat were designed for water-proofing above- and below-grade concrete and masonry. Their precise blend of acrylic emulsion, Portland cement and fine fibers makes them ideal for waterproofing a wide range of vertical or horizontal surfaces. This unique combination of ingredients creates a breathable waterproofing membrane that is both flexible and abrasion-resistant. Watertight coat can be used in combination with a variety of pedestrian or light traffic durable coatings offered by Cortec Corporation to achieve a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing waterproof horizontal finish system for concrete and masonry substrates.

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