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MCI® CorShield®



MCI® CorShield® provides excellent corrosion resistance on reinforcing metals in storage or embedded in concrete. This product is water-based and easy to use. As a soft non-tacky film, MCI® CorShield® is an excellent choice for long-term indoor protection and short- to medium-term unsheltered outdoor protection. MCI® CorShield® has been tested for reinforcing steel bond strength in accordance with ASTM A944-99. The results confirmed that MCI® CorShield® does not have to be removed prior to embedding in concrete (see ASTM A944 Bond Strength graph).


  • Excellent outdoor protection
  • Multi-metal protection
  • Easy to use
  • Does not affect concrete adhesion to rebar


  • Temporary storage of reinforcement and other metal components used in concrete construction
  • Processing protection
  • Overseas shipping
  • Maintenance repairs

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