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MCI® CorShield



MCI CorShield provides excellent protection in outside storage as well as offering excellent corrosion resistance for embedded reinforcement. This product is water based and environmentally friendly.

The recommended film thickness range is 1-2 mils (25-50 microns) dry film thickness. As a soft nontacky film, MCI CorShield is an excellent choice for long-term indoor protection (up to 5 years*) and short to medium-term (6-24 months*) unsheltered outdoor protection. The product cures to a soft non-tacky film and eventually hardens. MCI CorShield has been tested for reinforcing steel bond strength in accordance with ASTM A944-99. The results of this test were exceptionally good confirming that MCI CorShield does not have to be removed prior to embedding in concrete.

*Depends on conditions

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