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MCI® Super Remover



MCI® Super Remover is a powerful product for removing calcium carbonate and oxides, including hardened concrete residues, encrusted hard water scales, and rust on mild steels. MCI® Super Remover is classified as a mild skin irritant according to OECD Principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). MCI® Super Remover is an acid replacement technology that uses low pH organic salt to replace traditional mineral and organic acids.


For removing hardened concrete residues: Use MCI® Super Remover undiluted. Keep the concrete residues wetted with MCI® Super Remover solution for 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the thickness and age of the residue. Repeat applications may be necessary for thick patches of concrete; scrape to improve penetration. Do not leave Super Remover on bare metal for extended periods. For tough residues on small tools, the best method is to immerse the object in MCI® Super Remover. Scrape to improve penetration. Afterwards, lightly scrape off, or pressure wash the softened residues and rinse thoroughly. Rinsing with a neutralizing cleaner such at VpCI®-416 or VpCI®-414 provides further protection.

For removing scale: Apply MCI® Super Remover undiluted to the facilities needing cleaning for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Collect the used MCI® Super Remover solution, then rinse thoroughly.

For removing rust from mild steel: Use as is, or dilute MCI® Super Remover up to 1:3 in water. Apply to corroded area and keep contact for 5 -15 minutes. Use light abrasion to remove loose rust and to speed up the penetraton. Rinse and rub dry. If air drying, rinse with neutralizing cleaner such as VpCI®-416 or VpCI®-414 to provide further protection.


  • Drum Mixers
  • Ready-mix trucks
  • Batching Plants
  • Construction equipments
  • Water treatment facilities during periodical cleanings
  • De-scalers/de-limers
  • Rust Remover for mild steel
  • Excellent replacement for Phosphor


  • MCI® Super Remover is available in bulk, 55 gallon polyethylene drums and 5 gallon pails
  • Product can be stored in high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, or fiberglass containers.
  • DOT classification: Non-regulated (U.S. ground shipments) Regulated for and marine transportation

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