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Specialty Products

Cortec® offers the flexibility of specialty products for multiple aspects of the construction industry. Many of these products are a result of customer suggestions that meet specific end user needs. In addition to Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors, Cortec® offers products for concrete cleaning, rebar storage, and rust conversion.

Cleaning Oil Stains from Concrete

MCI®-2061 is a powerful natural cleaner that safely and effectively cleans oil stains on concrete. Microorganisms in the cleaner remain inactive until the product is applied to pre-wetted concrete and rinsed. Microorganism spores that remain after rinsing continue to work to degrade residual stains from the concrete.

Protection of Exposed Reinforcement

MCI® CorShield is a water-based coating for protection of exposed reinforcement. It forms a soft non-tacky film that eventually hardens. MCI® CorShield® provides up to 5 years of indoor protection and 6-24 months of unsheltered, outdoor protection.

Rust Converting Primer

CorrVerter® is a water-based primer recommended for application on rusty or poorly prepared steel surfaces where corrosion protection is required and good surface preparation is difficult to achieve. CorrVerter® penetrates rust, eliminates rust, and stops further rusting.