From a Fledging Company to Global Entrerprise

Cortec® Corporation

Cortec® started as a fledgling company at the home of founder and CEO, Boris Miksic, in October 1977. When Cortec® produced its first shipment of 1200 vapor corrosion inhibitor emitters, it would have been difficult to envision subsequent growth into the global enterprise Cortec® has become today. But by persistently addressing the world’s trillion-dollar corrosion problems in a safer, more environmentally responsible, and user-friendly way, Cortec® has revolutionized traditional methods of fighting corrosion and preserving metals across the globe.

Innovative R&D

Through research, testing, and direct knowledge of end user needs, Cortec® R&D continues an ongoing cycle of product discovery and improvement. Cortec’s innovation is evident in the development of over 400 products and the acquisition of more than 60 patents during 40+ years of business. Supporting this successful R&D program is the first ISO/IEC-17025 accredited lab in the industry, an accreditation that also enables Cortec® to provide valuable testing services to its customers.

Global Distribution Network

Cortec® is seeking to make its wide range of corrosion solutions more accessible as plants, distribution facilities, offices, and distributors increase globally. Specialized plants allow Cortec® to produce specific product lines while vertically integrating many products in order to deliver quality corrosion inhibiting options:

Environmentally Responsible Corrosion Solutions

Cortec® continues to grow as a specialty chemical company committed to finding environmentally responsible solutions for its customers. Cortec® began this journey by offering organic corrosion inhibiting chemistries at a time most companies still relied on inorganic chemistries. Cortec® moved on to its second technological platform with the introduction of biodegradable and biobased building blocks and now offers dozens of USDA certified biobased products, including a significant percentage of Cortec® Lubricants.

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