Another World of Concrete (WOC) has come and gone, leaving more construction industry professionals aware of MCI® tools to mitigate rusted rebar in concrete and extend service life. In addition to seeing new faces, it was great to reconnect with many who made the annual trip to Las Vegas to stay informed and reenergize for a great year ahead! We started the week of January 16th-19th having a great time with industry friends at a Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey game. From there, some of us stopped in at the Monday night ICRI kickoff party to connect with industry manufacturers before the first full day of the show.

Tuesday, we jumped into our annual MCI® distributor and reps meeting, packing a wealth of industry updates, strategies, and insights into an hour-and-a-half lunch session. Ash Hasania (MCI® Technical Sales & Market Manager) brought the team up to date on some of our newer MCI® resources:

• MCI® Coatings Guide for Construction Applications
• Surface Preparation Guide for MCI® Products
• MCI® general brochure updates (hot-off-the-press!)

Ash also drew attention to MCI® competitive advantages and strategies for 2023, comparing expected future challenges with those of 2022. Our time together ended with a great Q&A session and open discussion, in which we heard great points and success stories from the perspectives and regions of our reps and distributors.

Back on the exhibit floor, our MCI® technical team did a great job hosting the Cortec® MCI® booth for the majority of this year’s show. They interacted with a variety of contractors, architects, material suppliers, and even decorative concrete workers, answering common questions about the effect of MCI® admixtures on concrete mix properties and the advantages of specifying MCI® vs. calcium nitrite admixtures.

Many booth visitors came from coastal areas such as the East Coast and Florida, where there is a higher risk of concrete corrosion from the high level of airborne chlorides. We also had a number of Spanish-speaking attendees from Mexico and the Caribbean interested in receiving literature and learning more about MCI® despite the language barrier. While many guests were hearing about MCI® for the first time, some already familiar with MCI® concrete admixtures were interested to hear about the possibility of branching into specialty coating products such as CorrVerter® MCI® and MCI® CorShield®. Last but not least, we especially appreciated those who stopped by just to tell us how happy they have been using MCI® Technology!

Thanks to all of you who made the effort to travel from near and far to collaborate, learn, and grow with us at WOC 2023. We wish you a great year ahead and look forward to seeing you at the next concrete event!

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