Case History Spotlight #389: Corrosion Protection on Hawaiian Bridge

corrosion protection hawaiian bridge


The North Kahana Stream Bridge was built in 2011 in a corrosive environment near the Pacific Ocean on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The air is permeated with ocean chlorides and volcanic sulfuric dioxide. Acid rain makes the problem worse. Due to this harsh atmosphere, MCI®-309 was injected into the bridge’s post tension ducts just after post tension cables were placed. MCI®-2005 NS admixture was also used in the new concrete of the bridge. Both materials provided a practical, convenient way for the local DOT to greatly extend the expected service life of the structure in this extremely corrosive environment.

Keywords: Cortec Case Histories, corrosion protection, Hawaiian corrosion, Pacific corrosion, bridge corrosion, PT corrosion inhibitors, concrete admixtures, extend service life, Cortec MCI, Hawaii DOT

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