Equip Your Construction Crew with a Full PT Protection System!

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PT (post-tensioning) cables typically consist of relatively narrow metal strands under high tension. Even a minor loss of cross-section from corrosion damage could lead to snapping and failure, resulting in serious structural damage. MCI®-309 is an extremely efficient method of dry corrosion mitigation to meet this critical need for protecting PT strands during grouting delays. Even better, Cortec® MCI® Technology goes a step farther by offering a full protection system for each stage of the PT construction process.

Shipping and Storage
PT strands are often exposed to unpredictable and corrosive environments during transport and onsite storage. Instead of simply covering them in conventional plastic, manufacturers and/or construction crews can wrap them in MCI® Construction Film for an added layer of corrosion protection. Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors in the plastic form a protective molecular layer on all accessible metal surfaces packaged within and do not need to be removed before PT placement.

PT Strand Placement
Protection of PT strands after placement in the PT duct is the most familiar PT corrosion concern. State and federal regulations often call for corrosion inhibitor application if grouting will be delayed two weeks or more. MCI®-309 is the optimal choice because it is easy to apply with little to no surface prep, typically does not need to be removed before grouting, and does not adversely impact bonding with grout. (Check out this video to see how easy it is to apply MCI®-309: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMw1uhIEZss&ab_channel=CortecCorporation.)

Grouting and Beyond
Mini MCI® Grenades can be added to the PT duct grout to provide ongoing protection in the completed structure. Mini MCI® Grenades contain Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors packed in water-soluble bags that easily dissolve when added to the grouting mix. One Mini MCI® Grenade® protects 0.4-0.6 ft³ (0.011-0.017 m³) of grout mixture.

By incorporating MCI® at every stage, contractors can promote a longer service life for the all-important tendons that support PT structures, thus enhancing the durability of the entire structure. Contact us for further assistance: https://www.cortecmci.com/contact-us/

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Equip Your Construction Crew with a Full PT Protection System!