NEWS ALERT: Plan to Learn, Network, and Grow at the ICRI Spring Convention 2022!

Calling all MCI® professionals! Spring is on its way to the Northern Hemisphere, which also means it is time to mark our calendars for the 2022 ICRI Spring Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. This seasonal conference hosted by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) offers several great ways to learn and grow in the field of concrete durability and repair.

1. Learn More about MCI® and Concrete Repair
First of all, the ICRI Spring Convention is a great opportunity to add to your industry knowledge. This year’s topic, “Weather—Its Impact on Concrete and Construction,” goes hand in hand with Cortec® MCI® Technology. MCI® is used to delay and reduce corrosion on concrete structures in harsh environments, such as winter climates where freeze-thaw cycles and deicing salts wreak havoc. Jon Connealy, Kevin Quan, and Lisa Marston from our MCI® sales and technical team will be available to answer your project and technical questions on these topics and share about recent updates to our MCI® High Performance Repair System (HPRS®). ICRI technical sessions offer further means to boost your knowledge of the concrete repair industry in general.

2. Network with Construction Industry Professionals
The ICRI Spring Convention is also a good way to meet other industry professionals such as engineers and contractors who may be looking for new ideas on concrete repair and durability. These conventions gather a wealth of experts and end users into one place with the potential to build valuable long-lasting professional connections.

3. Grow in Your Influence and Expertise
Finally, the ICRI Spring Convention presents opportunities to become involved further by volunteering for committees that can shape the future of concrete repair and industry best practices.

Mark your calendars today and stay tuned to the ICRI website for further details on registration!

2022 ICRI Spring Convention
“Weather—Its Impact on Concrete and Construction”
April 4
th-6th, 2022
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
700 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
International Concrete Repair Institute, Inc. (

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