PRESS RELEASE: MCI®-2026 Primer WB for Concrete: A Great Alternative to Solvent-Based Sealers!

August 2, 2022

The porous nature of concrete makes it very susceptible to moisture—whether seeping up from the ground beneath or penetrating down from wet materials on the surface above. UV light and chemicals can also damage the substrate and cause premature degradation. This makes sealers a basic element of proper concrete maintenance to extend service life in many circumstances. MCI®-2026 Primer WB is one excellent option to consider for sealing out moisture and protecting concrete, devoid of many disadvantages associated with a solvent-based sealer.

MCI®-2026 Primer WB is a 2K (two-component) 52% solids water-based epoxy coating system that outperforms and outlasts most solvent-based sealer systems without the associated odors, flammability, or VOCs. MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer WB offers good moisture and chemical resistance. The low viscosity allows for greater substrate penetration, improved handling, and easier application, while the lack of solvent odors makes MCI®-2026 Primer WB inoffensive during indoor applications. Compared to traditional concrete sealers, it is more durable, and cleanup is much easier after application. MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer has excellent adhesion and dries quickly in one to three hours before it can be recoated. At <60 g/L VOC per EPA Method 24, it is compliant to all VOC/HAPS regulations. It meets all of the USDA/FDA guidelines for use in federally inspected facilities.

MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer WB works great independently as a standalone concrete sealer and is an economical alternative to its 100% solids novolac epoxy coating counterpart. For extra durability, MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer WB can be applied in two coats, creating a tough concrete sealer system for heavy (rolling) traffic. Those that are willing to make the investment will find MCI®– 2026 Primer WB to be a great companion to MCI®-2026 Floor Coating as a base primer in situations where extra resistance to moisture from the concrete is needed. The end result is an extra tough barrier to moisture, chemicals, and physical abrasion.

MCI®-2026 Concrete Primer WB comes in clear or grey to provide an inconspicuous and/or fresh appearance in industrial settings. This is great for use in factories, garages, food processing facilities, and many other industrial environments where there is frequent spillage, cleaning, cart or vehicle traffic, and residual oils or greases.

Possible applications include
• Garage floors
• Food processing facility floors
• Shop/factory floors
• Chemical and pharmaceutical industry floors
• Laboratory floors
• Decorative concrete overlays

One of the most basic forms of concrete protection is to seal out the elements. MCI®-2026 Primer WB does so without the cost of a full heavy-duty epoxy system and without the nuisances of a solvent-based system. For economical, worker-friendly, industrial-strength protection, contact Cortec® to learn more about using MCI®-2026 Primer WB:

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