CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #46: Pentagon Wall Restoration

US Pentagon Washington DC seen from above

November 04, 2021

Historical structures have significant cultural values and part of preserving our heritage is preserving these structures. Due to their importance and uniqueness, they typically require special care when it comes to rehabilitating them. Cortec® Corporation was involved in the restoration of the ring walls that exhibited signs of deterioration due to carbonation induced corrosion that was clear in the shallow concrete cover. Cortec’s surface applied corrosion inhibitor, MCI®-2020, was used to control corrosion of the imbedded reinforcement, The goal was to extend service life by 20 years using a system of surface applied corrosion inhibitor and followed up with water repellent treatment. Cortec® was able to show the effectiveness of the inhibitor and by taking corrosion rate measurements using a linear polarization device.

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