NEWS ALERT: MCI® and Sustainability Take Another Step Forward at ACI Concrete Conference

Education was a major part of the ACI Concrete Conference for Cortec® MCI®, October 29th-November 2nd in Boston. This was especially so because many of those visiting our MCI® booth were students, allowing Kevin Quan (MCI® Regional Sales Manager) to introduce the up and coming generation to how MCI® Technology works and how it can be used to extend the service life of concrete restoration and new construction projects. We also got to see visitors from abroad and receive positive feedback from an engineer who was happy with his first use of a Cortec® MCI® admixture!

In addition to educating others about MCI® Technology, we were able to take in a variety of committee meetings and presentations through the attendance of Jessi Meyer (VP of Technical and Product Sales) and Lisa Marston (Tech Service Engineer). Cortec® participated in committee meetings for climate change and sustainability, chemical admixtures, service life prediction, and corrosion. Per usual, sustainability and carbon reduction were especially prominent topics at the convention, giving our team the opportunity to learn about reducing embodied carbon in concrete along with more standard topics such as service life assessments and supply chain management. Of special note was a formation workshop for the development of the P+Ex Center of Excellence for Preservation and Service Life Extension.

Once again, the ACI Concrete Conference has come and gone, leaving behind new ideas, connections, and opportunities to improve the performance and service life of one of the world’s most used construction materials. If you missed ACI and want to learn more about what we shared at the MCI® booth, you don’t have to wait until the next convention. Contact us today with your questions on extending the service life of reinforced concrete with MCI®!

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