NEWS ALERT: New MCI® Admixture Brochure for New Year!

MCI® admixture brochureCortec® is pleased to present a new MCI® admixture brochure for a new year. With its fresh look and updated content, this brochure is an excellent way to give specifying engineers, ready mixers, and contractors a new perspective on inhibiting corrosion in reinforced concrete for the 2024 construction season!

Thoughtful Revisions

In addition to new graphics that show our latest MCI® admixture dispensing units and highlight the use of MCI®in The Sustainability Pavilion in Dubai, updated text focuses on the “what,” “how,” and “why” of concrete corrosion and the MCI® approach to mitigation. Thoughtful revisions by Cortec’s technical and marketing team seek to simplify and logically present the basics of MCI® admixtures. The brochure closes with an updated product selection guide that showcases the new MCI® Grenade XL for 5 yd³ (3.8 m³) of ready mix.

MCI® Admixture Advantages

As the brochure implies, MCI® admixtures are important for new structures because, once built, structures become more difficult to protect from corrosion. If added to the concrete batch, MCI® admixtures can inhibit corrosion without significantly increasing construction costs. They are dosed independently of expected chloride levels and are much less complicated than cathodic protection systems. Classified as mixed inhibitors, they affect both anodic and cathodic portions of a corrosion cell when they migrate to steel and form a protective molecular layer.

A Path to Sustainable Structures

Reinforced concrete will continue to play a significant role in the construction industry even as engineers look for better approaches to sustainability. MCI® admixtures will therefore be an important resource to extend the service life of those structures. Equip yourself with practical solutions for construction projects in the new year by taking a closer look at our new MCI® admixture brochure today!

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