PRESS RELEASE: Contractors: Make Life Easier with MCI® Construction Site Coatings!

Construction is a challenging industry with tough working conditions, harsh weather, and unexpected delays. To make matters more difficult, workers are responsible for high value equipment and building materials that can easily be damaged on the job. Fortunately, contractors can make life easier for job crews by implementing three versatile Cortec® MCI® coatings for the construction site.

Protecting Rebar from Rust

Steel rebar can easily rust in transit or while stored onsite waiting to be used. Even worse, some projects are put on hold after work has started, leaving rebar half exposed and half embedded in concrete. An easy solution is to spray clean rebar with MCI® CorShield®, a water-based coating that cures to a soft non-tacky film and eventually hardens. Results of bond strength testing in accordance with ASTM A944-99 confirmed that MCI® CorShield® does not have to be removed prior to embedding in concrete, making it a highly convenient solution for interim protection during storage, transit, or construction delays.

Protecting Finished Surfaces

As a construction job progresses, new windows, frames, doors, and other finished surfaces are gradually added to the structure. Unfortunately, other work continues, so it is easy to damage these pristine surfaces by physical impact or paint/liquid spills. MCI® Peel-Off Coating offers a helpful way to protect non-porous walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doorframes from untimely nicks, abrasion, scratches, corrosion, and overspray. This water-based coating sprays on like normal paint, but, when the job is done, workers can peel the coating off by hand and dispose it as solid waste.

Maintaining Concrete Equipment

Anyone who has worked on a concrete pour knows how difficult it can be to clean up concrete residue once it has hardened. This makes equipment maintenance especially difficult. Chipping concrete off a ready-mix truck is not a very practical option. A better choice is to apply MCI® Creteskin® to areas likely to be spattered with concrete mix. This industrial strength release agent contains corrosion inhibitors and is designed to prevent adhesion of cementitious materials, salts, and other abrasives to painted and unpainted metal surfaces so it is easier to rinse away the accumulated material at the end of the job. MCI® Creteskin® is a great idea for truck chassis, drum mixers, batching plants, concrete molds, scissor lifts, and other construction equipment.

Make Life Easier for Construction Workers

Construction is a demanding industry, but that does not mean it cannot be made easier and more efficient. The three MCI® specialty coatings above can be a great part of a strategy to do so. Contact Cortec® to learn more about these coatings for construction sites.

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