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MCI-2061 is a powerful cleaner that safely and effectively cleans oil stains on concrete. This hard surface cleaner is unique because it combines powerful cleaning chemistry with microorganisms capable of biodegrading hydrocarbons, such as those found in oil, diesel, and other materials that stain concrete.

MCI-2061 is formulated with biodegradable surfactants and is used like other hard-surface cleaners. During the initial application the cleaning action is simply due to the surfactant component of the product. The microorganisms in MCI-2061 are preserved bacterial spores that remain inactive until MCI-2061 is used. The spores then germinate into vegetative, or active, microorganisms when MCI- 2061 is applied to pre-wetted concrete and rinsed according to use instructions. Spores that remain after rinsing germinate and work to degrade residual hydrocarbon constituents of the stain that weren’t removed in the initial cleaning process. Spores that are rinsed away may also germinate and work to purify the rinse water.

MCI-2061 is an environmentally friendly alternative that eliminates the need for harsh solvent-based and alkaline cleaners. With biodegradable surfactants, a neutral pH, no solvents and virtually no VOC’s (<1%) MCI-2061 makes it easy to maintain a cleaner and healthier facility.

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